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Hi! My name is Kyle Ford and I am an aspiring data scientist. I graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a Master's of Science in Computer Science in August of 2023. My cumulative GPA during my graduate coursework was a 3.8. During my graduate studies I gained technical expertise in Python, R, SQL, C, C++, and Java. I also took coursework that exposed me to many concepts key to data science including Data Analysis, Data Visualization, and Machine Learning. I am proficient with many Python libraries for data science including Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, scikit-learn, Tensorflow, and PyTorch.

Prior to enrolling in graduate school, I obtained a B.S. degree from Tennessee Wesleayn University in Mathematics. I graduated from TWU in May of 2017 with a 3.8 cumulative GPA. Specific areas of interest during my undergraduate career were linear algebra, number theory, discrete mathematics, and ordinary differential equations.

While I am open to working in any data science job, specific domain areas that are of particular interest to me include finance, technology, sports, transportation, and healthcare and mental health. As such, I have a variety of projects tailored to these domain interests. I am always interested in expanding my domain knowledge and learning new fields, however!

Work History

I have worked full time in the Transportation and Logistics industry since my graduation from Tennessee Wesleyan in 2017. I have worked for a variety of companies, filling a variety of roles. As such, this gives me a great deal of domain knowledge in this field. I have listed my work history below, as well as a brief description of my responsibilities in each role.

Project Work

Project Name GitHub Repository
Gender Differences in Developed and Underdeveloped Nations and the Impact on Suicide Rates GitHub Link
Data Visualization Final Project GitHub Link
Flood Detection Using CNN GitHub Link
LSTM Text Generation from Alice in Wonderland GitHub Link
Autoencoder Image Classification GitHub Link
MLP Neural Network in Tensorflow GitHub Link
MLP, SVM, KNN Model for Text Analysis GitHub Link
Logistic Regression Classifying the Winner of NFL Games GitHub Link
Stock and Revenue Analysis With Plotly Dashboard GitHub Link

About Me

I am local to Chattanooga, TN and have lived here since I was 12. I am open to relocating for the right position. In my spare time I enjoy staying active by running and lifting weights. I also enjoy reading in my spare time, and my favorite genres are fantasy and science fiction. I am an avid sports fan, and most weekends you can find me taking in some sort of game. I am a huge Philadelphia sports fan and support the Eagles, Sixers, Phillies, and Flyers. Uncoincidentally, I have two cats who are named after Philadelphia athletes. Their names are Jojo and Jason (bonus points if you can guess the athletes they're named after!). One of my mottos is that learning never stops, so another activity you can find me doing in my spare time is taking online courses or perusing online videos in academic areas that interest me. I take courses on codecademy and coursera and am always looking to level up my skills however I can. One day I hope to complete a PhD, but would like to get some industry experience before going back to school again.